BrightArrow Target Introduction
BrightArrow Target is revolutionizing the way organizations automatically deliver messages simultaneously to large groups of people. It delivers voice messages, emails, text messages and social media posts seamlessly in a single action, at an unprecedented price.
Delivering a much richer feature set than other systems that can cost 2x-3x more, BrightArrow's Technologies delivers unsurpassed reliability, speed and customizability.
BrightArrow allows users to send messages from our web portal, mobile app, using dial-in numbers, from within many student management systems, and even via our API interface.
The company's 24x7 support is is the most responsive in the industry, and the company is unique in that its original developers are core to company, as opposed to most other notification systems where the technologies have been acquired by other companies.  This unique aspect of BrightArrow ensures that the product is the fastest expanding and adapting product in the marketplace.
Please reach out for a live (over-the-Internet) demo and price quote so you can see what BrightArrow can do for you. 
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