Cost-Effective Mass Notifier

Digital Voice Dialer is BrightArrow’s automatic notification system to call people and easily deliver pre-recorded voice, SMS text and e-mail messages. 

While all of the BrightArrow services feature auto-dialing, the business edition includes capabilities for custom integration with your contact information systems, and per item time scheduling. This dialer is useful in a variety of different businesses such as doctor offices, real-estate, law firms, and just about any organization that would benefit by being able to reach their staff or customers quickly, easily, and with minimal cost.

Digital Voice Dialer includes 
BrightArrow Target, its flexible web interface using hosted servers, delivering reliable and instant voice, text and email notification at a much lower price than other dialing services. 

For important messages, emails alone are usually insufficient. Emails get buried and go unnoticed, and batch emails are often rejected by filters. In addition, people don’t always check their emails frequently enough to receive urgent information. 

Telephone calls remain the most reliable way to reach somebody with urgent or important information, as people will either answer their phone or check their voice mails periodically. Unfortunately, it is very time-intensive to manually make the same call to a large number of people. 

Digital Voice Dialer delivers an easy-to-use interface for retrieving phone numbers from your database, and notifying groups of people of appointment reminders, fees due, products or services available, or even emergency conditions. It includes remote functions to launch voice notifications by calling a toll-free phone number. 

The software automatically dials a pre-defined list of phone numbers and speaks an audio message to the recipient or their voice mail. It also delivers SMS texts and email messages. 

If your message is important and must be delivered in a timely fashion, Digital Voice Dialer is the best solution for you. 

Web-based Dialing is as Easy as 1-2-3!
Find out how this is a simple implementation for you to build powerful relationships with your communities to share emergency and relevant information!
  • Fast, easy and accessible for authorized users; no training necessary (but available). 
  • Includes an 800-number dial-option to launch calls when Internet is not available. 
  • High volume mass notification using voice, SMS text and e-mail. 
  • Secure Web login accessible from anywhere by authorized users. 
  • Your organization can have an unlimited number of users to separate and control access to different groups and lists. 
  • Synchronizes with your databases for automated updates and dialing. 
  • On-site component can automatically split master lists into sub-groups. 
Voice Dialer in Motion
  • Reach out to existing customers, prospects and partners to generate new sales
  • Notify customers of limited-time offers with an option to act
  • Automatically call business prospects from list to generate incoming sales flow
  • Call groups of people to assemble them for projects or contract opportunities
  • Notification of special events
  • Reminders of scheduled volunteer activities
  • Calling groups for special times or daylight's savings time reminder
  • Solicitations for special donation drives
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