Case Study: Seven Hills Behavioral Health

Seven Hills Behavioral Health (SHBH), with many locations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, provides a wide range of behavioral health services, such as substance abuse counseling and intervention, community mental health treatment, medication management, and a variety of other related services. In 2010, SHBH started using the BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer for automated appointment reminders. In October 2011, we talked with Jo-Anne Newton, Assistant Vice President of SHBH, to discuss the effect of utilizing BrightArrow’s appointment reminders on their operation. Here is what Ms. Newton said: 

"Our experiences with the BrightArrow system have all been positive. Our clinicians have found that it improves our show rate, and our clients appreciate the reminder. It works, and it works well. From an operations point of view, it is a great enhancement to our service. 

"When we were seeking an appointment reminder system, our main objective was to decrease the no-show rate. We were finding it to be very costly when appointments were being missed. Now, using BrightArrow, I know that our clients are always reminded of their appointments. It has definitely decreased the missed appointments. 

"One of our doctors has specifically pointed out to me that it has made a big difference. Clearly this can be attributed to our new BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer system since this is the only thing we changed to achieve this significant improvement. He has also said that for the population he serves, a consistent reminder call is particularly beneficial. 

"For me, I’m on the go, so I like receiving a reminder that I am supposed to be someplace. I am pretty well organized, and yet I appreciate getting the reminder call. I am sure that some of our clients also appreciate getting a reminder of where and when they are supposed to be at a particular time. 

"The system is very reliable, and implementing the system was a seamless event. BrightArrow customer service is great. Our primary contact person, Tracy, has been outstanding and very responsive to any questions we have. 

"No work on my part is involved. The system is entirely automated. It pulls the information from our Sequest appointment database and afterwards I receive the dial report by email. I check the emails to see that everyone was called, and whether somebody has a phone number that needs to be fixed. I monitor it, but that’s all. It’s very easy. 

"I recommend the BrightArrow system because, for me, it was really important to increase the number of people coming into the door. The technology that BrightArrow brings exceeds my needs. It is exceptional."

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