Classroom Emergencies: Panic Button

More than ever before, school districts need to provide their teachers and staff with the most effective tools for handling in-classroom crises.


In the past 20 years, classrooms have been equipped with IP telephones, often with speed-dial keys to allow instant relay of “panic button” alerts from teachers. In fact, BrightArrow was at the forefront of those advancements by providing some of the original IP-PBX manufacturers (such as 3Com) with those features. 


Emergency planning in today presents new challenges These days, teachers typically have cell phones or smart phones, and having a powerful and silent alert tool within the cell phone is paramount to helping the teachers with their ever-increasing need to respond to dangerous situations. 


BrightArrow includes, as part of its Digital Voice Dialer, a feature that is perfectly suited for those types of emergenciesPanic Button allows teachers or staff members to initiate an instant notification for internal crisis by simply texting a quick message from their cell phone. 


BrightArrow can allocate for you a dedicated phone number, and whenever a teacher texts to that number, their message is instantly transmitted to the internal group designated by the district, whether it be all the teachers and staff within the school, or a smaller designated emergency response team. 


This way, a teacher can be hiding under a desk, in a closet, or in a common area and still be able to instantly communicate the emergency instance with a single speed dial text from their cell phone or smart phone.  

BrightArrow’s Panic Button is a feature that you hope to never have to use, but having it in place can be an integral part of your Crisis Response Plan. 
Panic Button is included with a BrightArrow subscription at no additional charge for one phone number. Additional phone numbers cost only $50/year. 
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