BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer

Unique to Digital Voice Dialer is BrightArrow’s proprietary automatic voice detection to intelligently distinguish between a live person answering the phone versus an answering machine. The accuracy of determining when to speak the message is significantly higher than other services; therefore the percentage of messages delivered is the highest on the market.

The system can be customized to the needs and requirements of your organization.  It can automatically read your contact database, if you choose.  You can provide a portal for message recipients to update their contact information, choose how they would like to receive messages, and review prior messages.


With over fifteenyears of underlying product development, BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer offers one of the most flexible and powerful notification systems available anywhere. Features include: 

  • BrightArrow Target Web interface to easily manage lists, record messages, and launch dials. 
  • Can include any combination of phone numbers and e-mails for the right mix of voice, e-mail and text messages. 
  • Ability to pre-schedule dials, or launch them immediately. 
  • Rich data mapping features to read text file (comma-delimited) lists, and can even accept database (ODBC) commands. 
  • Detailed reports are e-mailed upon completion of the dial, showing every call attempted, with the name, number, time, whether the message was delivered, and if not delivered, the reason for non-delivery. 
  • Call bursts can be initiated via dial-in, at any time from anywhere by authorized users, even during Internet outages. 
  • Messages are recorded by the system using your telephone. 
  • Delivers messages to cell phones, home phones, or e-mails. 
  • Voice messages can optionally use a computer-generated voice to speak callee-specific details such as the appointment times, names, dollars, or dates. 
  • Can automatically play different messages for different languages. 
  • Allows an unlimited numbers of groups for dialing subset lists. 
  • Automated logic for hands-free synchronization of groups with the latest contacts and numbers. 
  • Regularly scheduled calls (such as appointment reminders or collections calls) can occur automatically. 
  • Any number of users can be created; a user can access the system without seeing other user lists; admin user sees them all. 


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