Patient Notification System

Digital Voice Dialer is BrightArrow’s mass notification solution for calling patients and clients of healthcare organizations to remind them of appointments, events and other timely information. The system delivers any chosen combination of voice calls, texts, and e-mail message. It includes the BrightArrow Target hosted web interface, delivering reliable and instant voice notification at a much lower price and with more reliable results than other services. 

Digital Voice Dialer can load phone numbers and e-mail addresses from your existing data sources, such as your practice management system. It can be scheduled to automatically call daily for purposes such as appointment reminders, lab results availability, prescription notices, or even reminders to make appointments or order medications. 

The system automatically dials a predefined list of phone numbers and speaks an audio message to the recipient or their voice mail. Based on your settings, and possibly the client’s options, it also delivers SMS texts and e-mail messages. 

The message can include any combination of chosen information, such as the patient’s name, the time of the appointment, the doctor, the location, and even special instructions that may vary from call to call. 

If a live person answers, it speaks immediately. If an answering machine or voice mail answers, it reliable leaves the full message after the beep. If there is no answer, the system will call back a few times after a user-programmable wait period. 

The BrightArrow system improves attendance at scheduled appointments, and can run automatically and hands-free. 

With over ten years of extensive product development and state-of-the-art voice technology, BrightArrow delivers one of the most flexible and powerful healthcare notification systems available anywhere.

Case Study: Seven Hills Behavioral Health
Learn more about how Seven Hill Behavioral Health employs the Digital Voice Dialer.
  • Automated appointment reminders, supporting a wide variety of database access methods 
  • Prescription pickups and reminders 
  • Prompts to schedule new appointments 
  • Alerts that lab results are available 
  • Calls to find substitute healthcare staff
  •  Appointment reminders can be entirely automated using its rich and varied database access features. 
  • Secure hosted web and Dial-in Interfaces. 
  • Fast, easy and accessible for authorized users; no training necessary (but available). 
  • Dial reports are automatically delivered, and archives of reports are available online. 
  • HIPAA compliant. 
  • Supports multiple languages, including automatic translation. 
  • Fast and accurate detection of human voice vs. an answering machine, thus reliably delivering full messages. 
  • Configurable number of phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each client.
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