About BrightArrow
BrightArrow Technologies' mission is to deliver powerful and cost-effective solutions that maximize an organization's ability and flexibility to communicate with their constituents.

BrightArrow's core purpose is to help organizations and individuals communicate in a faster, more cost effective, dependable and natural way that requires little technical knowledge or skill. We want to be known for the time we save our customers, the importance of our products in their lives, and the integrity of our people.
Why Now?
The time is right for this solution. Very recent advances in speech technology have finally made this type of mainstream application practical and useful. Comprehensive beta-testing and usability testing have allowed us to make sure the products' benefits and features work well for your organization. And BrightArrow's commitment to delivering value is reflected in the great price and service BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer customers receive.

Corporate Background
BrightArrow Technologies, founded in 1997, in Bellevue, Washington, is funded and owned by its management team. BrightArrow’s primary focus is automated notification for education, healthcare, government, non-profits/churches, and corporations.

Raymond Bily, founder and CEO, graduated from MIT in 1982 to join early-stage Microsoft as a Design Engineer, then becoming Microsoft’s Product Manager for language products. He founded Midisoft in 1986, leading his company as CEO to the #1 position in music and audio software and taking it public in 1993.

In 1997, Mr. Bily started BrightArrow by assembling a team of 10 engineers to develop an underlying core of voice technology that has led to the delivery of many voice-oriented solutions. During the first 10 years of the company, these solutions were bundled with major IP-PBX manufacturers as broadly-functional voice telecommunication applications.

In 2003, BrightArrow developed, for 3Com, a product called Education Module, which used its core technologies to deliver as part of the 3Com IP-PBX the following features: Parent auto-dialing, 911 notification, malicious call trace, on-demand call recording, homework hotline, intercom, school bells, and a speech recognition auto-attendant. This BrightArrow-developed solution was sold to hundreds of districts of various sizes, and certainly the most utilized feature was its auto-dialer.

By 2008, BrightArrow had introduced Digital Voice Dialer for sale directly to school districts–this hosted, Web-based service is now on its third generation and deployed broadly through the country at over 1,000 locations.

Because of BrightArrow’s unique knowledge and skills in the development of voice-based solutions, it has built its notification system using Tier One (top carrier grade) audio and connection reliability. By directly delivering calls into the public switched telephone network (PSTN)’s core, programmatically, BrightArrow is able to maximize the audio quality, speed and reliability, at a lower cost than most other vendors, many of whom are still using legacy PSTN connections at the call initiation side.  BrightArrow’s call capacity per customer exceeds 3,000 simultaneous calls (adjusted based on the local carrier requirements of the customer’s region).

BrightArrow’s experience also includes an extensive repertoire of database integration successes, including direct integration into over 50 varieties of student information systems for hands-free student and staff synchronization and attendance calls.  Other database synchronization options include automated file importing and Web Services, and LDAP for user password validation.  These integration techniques can be combined for receiving data from various sources.

Company Address:
PO Box 7493
Bellevue, WA 98008
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