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BrightArrow Target is Digital Voice Dialer’s remotely hosted mass notification Web interface for fast and easy automated calling and notification. It quickly delivers pre-recorded voice messages or reads typed text using a computer-generated voice. In addition, it can send e-mails and text messages. Synchronized with the on-site automated functionality of Digital Voice Dialer, this companion interface provides a simple and reliable mass notification at a fraction of the cost of competitive services. 

Target uses contact lists acquired from your contact database to instantly notify customers of appointments or meetings, prospects of opportunities, suggestions to renew or purchase new products, or even notification of overdue fees or invoices. 

From the Target interface, an authorized user can easily launch a mass notification by recording their message and loading or selecting a list of contacts. The system then quickly dials everybody in the list, speaking the pre-recorded (or typed) message to the recipient or their voice mail. It also delivers e-mails and text messages. 

Automatic synchronization with the on-site Digital Voice Dialer keeps the hosted service up-to-date with your latest contact information. The system reads contact lists generated from your appointment, collections, or product announcement database and populates the various lists based on criteria such as date/time, appointment details, suggested action, deadline, native language, geographic location, time zone, or even dollar amounts. The system can differentiate groups by user so that different users can have access to different lists and sublists.

  • Fast, easy and accessible for authorized users; no training necessary (but available). 
  • Includes an 800-number dial-option to launch calls when Internet is not available. 
  • High volume mass notification using voice, SMS text and e-mail. 
  • Secure web login accessible from anywhere by authorized users. 
  • Your organization can have an unlimited number of users to separate and control access to different groups and lists. 
  • Synchronizes with your databases for automated updates and dialing. 
  • On-site component can automatically load your contact information as well as appointment or attendance information, and send it over a secure connection to the BrightArrow hosted servers.
  • Supports 40 languages, including automatic translation from English.
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