Mass Notification for Cities/Municipalities

Digital Voice Dialer can call citizens in cities, towns, counties and other municipalities to quickly deliver pre-recorded voice, SMS text and e-mail messages. It includes the BrightArrow Target hosted web interface, delivering reliable and instant voice notification at a much lower price than other services. 

Digital Voice Dialer can load phone numbers and e-mail addresses from your existing data sources, such as utilities lists. In addition, it includes a Citizen Portal to allow citizens to log in, register their phones and e-mail addresses, and Information System or citizen list to notify people of emergency and non-urgent announcements. In addition to web access, you can launch voice notifications by calling a toll-free phone number. 

The system automatically dials a predefined list of phone numbers and speaks an audio message to the recipient or their voice mail. It also delivers SMS texts and e-mail messages. 

A primary usage of the Digital Voice Dialer is time-sensitive announcements for travel and road condition advisories as well as utility and service interruptions due to snow, fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes or other weather-related emergencies. 

It can be used for other urgent emergency situations such as evacuations. Action plans to manage accidental or intentional threats or disasters can be communicated quickly. Such communications can be broadly communicated or focused on affected regions by choosing data subsets based on field filters, such as GIS location information. 

With over 15 years of extensive product development and state-of-the-art voice technology, BrightArrow delivers one of the most flexible and powerful notification systems available anywhere. 

Web-based Dialing is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Find out how this is an easy-to-configure implementation for you to build powerful relationships with your communities to share emergency and relevant information!

  • Calls, e-mails and texts to mass deliver messages to citizens or staff. 
  • Secure web and Dial-in Interfaces. 
  • Fast, easy and accessible for authorized users; no training necessary (but available). 
  • Includes an 800-number dial-option to launch calls when Internet is not available. 
  • Citizen Portal for individual access to opt-in, opt-out and edit contact options. 
  • Supports multiple languages and dialing to sub-groups. 

  • Fast and accurate detection of human voice vs. an answering machine, thus reliably delivering full messages. 
  • The system administrator can set up an unlimited number of users to separate and control access to different groups and lists. 
  • Delivers tens of thousands of calls quickly within minutes. 
  • Configurable number of phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each citizen. 
  • Easy access to historical dial reports. 
  • “Smart Import” reads comma- or tab-delimited files and can auto-detect field types.
  • Auto-push and ODBC options enhance database integration options.


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