Digital Voice Dialer

Digital Voice Dialer is a hosted, web-based automatic dialer and mass notification system. It is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, auto dialer designed to dial and speak to people on their cell phones, home phones, associated voice mails and answering machines. It also quickly delivers text message and e-mails.

The versatile, low-cost tool is used by school districts, businesses, health care companies, communities of faith and a number of other types of clients. 
For voice calls, the system automatically calls phone numbers and speaks pre-recorded messages to the person answering. If the call goes to voice mail, the system waits until the beep before leaving the message. Calls can be launched manually from the web interface, scheduled for the future, launched via a dial-in toll-free number, or programmed to launch automatically on a predefined periodic schedule (for purposes such as appointment reminders, school attendance notifications, or collections calls).
Digital Voice Dialer allows the user to launch notifications to any number of lists or groups. The user permissions and associated dial lists can be managed by the system administrator, and individual users can record messages and edit and manage their own lists without having access to others’ lists or reports.
Digital Voice Dialer includes BrightArrow Target, its flexible web interface using hosted servers, delivering reliable and instant voice notification at a much lower price than other dialing services.
Request a demo,  price quote, or contact us with specific questions about Digital Voice Dialer, by calling 800-649-9660 or sending an e-mail.
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